24 Hours HANDCUFFED in Hacker Mini Mansion with Real Ghost | Rebecca Zamolo

30 jan 2021
4 871 726 Áhorf

Rebecca Zamolo played among us hide and seek in real life but my twin is the imposter. Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded best friend faces biggest fear of water. Overcoming fears to unlock safe underwater. Finally the Game Master Network made did game master betray us? Sneaking into GM hideout to find imposter key. Now in order to get the next the gm told Rebecca Zamolo she needed to get trapped. But she didn’t think her cousin would be there too. They might be trapped for 24 hours straight. The twin like cousins are handcuffed in the hacker mini mansion with real ghosts. Rebecca wishes she had her phone so she could use the ghost app to have the ghosts help them. It looks like Kingpin is using the RHS and making them old. After tea time with the King & Queen they have time to sneak around. Maybe Matt and Daniel will help save them? Rebecca discovers a detective board with clues including the date of a new ceremony. Do you think the girls can escape or will they be trapped for another 24 hours. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Haha, no Matt you are not a hero

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  • Did you know that: Mr.X, kingpin & game master are siblings

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  • that eye is matt's eye if you don't know that

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  • That eye is Matt's eye jack took a photo of matt

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  • I like how the boys finally came in when the girls finally got out lol

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  • It might have something to do with red because the room on the blue poster was red and so was your dress!

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  • I feel really bad I think I should reveal maddies big crush its not Shawn meddles its ......................... ben aleart

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  • She put a key in that and she wants twins!

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  • What if ping pin put it in the box

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  • Maddys crush Shawn Mendes will be sacrificed at the ceremony date and just found. On your video

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  • I love this video more and more

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  • shes like the queen of gems 1. she handcuffed them together 2.she has the shock bracelets 3. she likes twins what if kingpin is the queen of gems

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  • So scary

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  • King pin took them

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  • She has put her phone in the box

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  • She is Mine and she shocked rebecca and Maddie 😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Oh my name is Nala my name is Nala and I like your videos and on TickTock I saw your videos on TickTock I like that some

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  • The clue its K i n g p e n i dont know its not her name or anything or its is her name omg there a serect message its say king key and this +-@$()*/'":#,=!? What its that idk but i think its a clue Tho so but idk what to say but please please can i have a shout out

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